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When Goggling how much a task office chair costs, you could get a range anywhere from 100 to a few thousand dollars. But what should you really budget for?

A quality ergonomic task chair is essential for every workstation. Unfortunately, there's not price fits. In this article, we'll break down the different factors and influences that go into pricing out a chair.

How much does a task chair cost?

When pricing out a chair you should expect to spend anywhere from 350 to 800 AED.  Anything under that and I would begin to question the quality of that product.

The three main factors that influence the price include warranty, features and finishes.

  1. Warranty
  2. Features
  3. Finishes

How should I incorporate warranty into chair cost?

A warranty should always be factored into which chair you end up purchasing. There's no hard and fast minimum price on a good quality office chair Dubai, but any chair over 350 AED should come with a solid 10-year warranty. Anything less you might end up having to replace every one or two years and it's just not worth it.

How do chair features affect the cost?

  • There are a ton of features and adjustments that you can add to a task chair. Each feature you can expect to add or take away anywhere from 20 AED to 50 AED to the chair.
  • The four features that we can't live without on our task office chairs in UAE would include height adjustable arms, lumbar support, seat adjustability,
  • How do chair finishes affect the cost?
  • Another major influencer on the price of a chair is the finishes. Entry-level materials such as grade-A fabrics, or plastic bases would be your starting list price.

A more premium chair that might include a leather seat, and polished aluminum base, you can expect to pay a little bit more for this. While it's safe to budget 350 AED to 800 AED for your task chair remember the three points that we discussed that would influence this. Warranties, finishes, and features. I'm often asked why task online office chairs are so expensive. And I often ask customers how much money you spent on their mattresses.

Best and affordable office chairs

You spend eight plus hours at home sleeping, (8 hours or more spent on your mattress) often people spend that much time sitting at their desks. It's worth the investment. If you still have questions about buying office furniture check out our office furniture buyer's guide at MultiWoodae.

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