Black Visitor Chair

Black Visitor Chair

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The Visor Chair is a revolutionary new way to protect the face and eyes from dust, insects, and intense heat while working outdoors.

  • Visitor Chair has a patented mechanism that helps you stretch yourself while sitting comfortably in any chair, everywhere you are - cinema, office desk, or restaurant couch. This new way to move can be created with just the body weight of one person. Imagine by using it with a friend or family member!
  • The Visitor Chair is an innovation aimed at simplifying how we all go on a vacation. One must only need to submit their passport and utility bill wherever they are located in UAE and the chair will find them a view resort with a discounted hotel booking.
  • Simply put, the Visitor Chair is a comfortable chair that supports its Siesta Mode sensor system to identify and distinguish individuals through their weight and habits. The device also recognizes different positions, proving suitable for more than just one person at a time.

In Dubai, it's very important to always be putting your best foot forward. This chair does just that.

Unlike others, the Visitor Chair from Emirati producer Al Ghurair has a customizable design that provides maximum comfort to the user. It features a washable and renewable design - perfect for use on balconies or in parks.

The Visitor chair is specially designed for new mothers. It helps train the pelvic floor muscles while pregnant and advises good sitting habits to limit weight, hips, and muscle aches after delivery.

Visitor Chair A light-weight folding stool, designed to simplify outdoor visits.No assembly required

This Visitor Chair is made of the best possible compressed fabric and foam combination, which provides greater comfort to people who sit in it. Sitting in a Visitor Chair will make your lounging more enjoyable.

Black Visitor Chair wants to present the newest model of chairs. The Visitor chair is designed for those who need to relax. It's created using the latest technologies, and they can really improve the quality of your stay in a park or busy city.

A sophisticated chair in a range of 12 colors of refined calfskin, finished with interior luxury and elegant curves.

Visitor Chair is designed to capture the needs of senior citizens, who are still soulful people with great life experience and wisdom. By allowing elders the capacity to remain seated in a dignified manner, the Visitor Chair aids in the prevention of falls and associated injuries.

The visitor chair is an all-time favorite product among happy customers. Playing a vital role as utility furniture, this chair is also indispensable in corporate and commercial settings.



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