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The idea of the Online revolving chair is to help save time when you work from home. The idea arose after a successful project in Italy was completed for one of our clients who own a t-shirt and textile business.

Self-balancing motor chair made to the top industry standards with a simple, elegant design. Great for those who are looking for ease of use while they browse the Internet?

Never get a stiff neck, back pain, or eyestrain ever again with the Online Revolving Chair. The futuristic breakthrough design of the revolving chair lets you stay in ergonomic and energizing positions while working on your computer. A patented internal gyroscope detects movement and automatically turns your chair around when needed.

Better than the standard rotating chair, our Online Revolving Chair is designed and engineered specifically to help you improve your core stability while keeping your abs and hip flexors engaged. Prolonged sitting can harm the body in a number of ways – so why not use it as an opportunity to strengthen yourself?

Equipped with personalized services and

  • The chair size is adjustable to 18 inches. The revolving chair is made with Hermann Oak wood, foam, and polyurethane
  • With the Online Revolving chair, people can now relax and watch their favorite entertainment from anywhere in the world.

We provide a significant contribution to people's health by supporting them with a guaranteed number of exercises each day. This has been made possible because the Online Revolving Chair supports the muscles and organs during exercise while giving you complete flexibility in your chair, this reduces physical disability and makes various exercises easier.

The revolving chair is designed to create a realistic movement of sitting that imitates your usual daily life activities.

Online Revolving Chair was created by an L.A. design company and is being sold exclusively in the UAE. It is a luxury item, made to last for generations, for the office professional on the go.

Online shoppers in UAE often suffer from heat and have a hard time finding products with both quality and affordability. One solution is this nifty turntable chair that enables one to rotate while browsing online.

Online Revolving Chair is a chair that rotates automatically and moves according to where the user is sitting, walking or standing. However, if you want to stop the rotation, you can place your hand on any part of the rotating arm and hold it until you see a green light and hear a beep.

  1. A fully digital revolving chair. This stylish, high-tech seat swivels at the touch of a button, so you can find the perfect cool spot during your hot summer break.
  2. The Online Revolving Chair is a modern solution for your home or office. It is easy to assemble and available in 4 colors.

This might sound strange but many doctors have noted the benefits of a wheel that can go round and round. This is perfect for people that have to sit for long periods of time, be more creative, or just like to entertain themselves with interesting projects.



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