Lumbar Support Office Chair

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Lumbar Support Office Chair with 8 Programmable Memory Functions.

Have you ever experienced a strained back while slouching in your office chair? Do you sit hunched over your computer for long hours each day? The lumbar Support Office Chair is a furniture appropriate chair designed to provide relief from chronic lumbar pain, spinal disorders and other related health problems. It gently supports the lower back with its ergonomic shape and adjustable height levels, thereby promoting healthy posture and proper spinal alignment.

High quality office chair  

The standing area of this office chair is designed with a steel frame featuring thin and heat-dissipating PVC spokes, which keeps the spine in maximum comfort. The seat pneumatically lifts and lowers to fit your personal height with just one touch on a user-friendly remote control.

Adjustable lumber support office chairs

It has adjustable lumbar support for a perfect fit during prolonged sitting at work, and its swivel smoothies are left and right for easy access from your keyboard. And the glass topped table armrests have an ergonomic angle plus soft lines edging that promote the convenience of use.

The Lumbar Support Office Chair from Stock is designed to enhance posture and alleviate fibromyalgia in adults and athletes. The chair features a backrest with adjustable lumbar support for maximum flexion.

  1. Lumbar Support Office Chair This chair may as well be a world of difference in how you feel during your work day. With its comfy, padded seat and backrest, ergonomic adjustment features, adjustable armrests, and angle adjustment, you can virtually recline in this chair until your energy levels are high enough to get back up again.
  2. The Lumbar Support Office Chair assists in maintaining ergonomic posture while reducing back discomfort with specially designed lower lumbar support.
  3. What better way to enhance your work productivity and overall health than with a Chair that acts as a Lumbar Support for your back? The 800-watt cooling mesh cloth is designed to keep you going throughout the day.

Our Lumbar Support Office Chair is a high-quality chair built to last and provide superior comfort. Our comfortable chairs are made with the latest weave, memory foam that ensures all users get maximum support in the right areas which in turn prevents unnecessary strain.

The Lumbar Support Office Chair offers a greater lumbar support angle. This reduces the weight and pressure on your body over extended hours.

The Lumbar Support Office Chair is your chair partner, in helping prevent back pain. Our expert team has teamed up with ergonomics and finders who consulted and tested the design of the product to help minimize back pain while working.

With the Lumbar Support Office Chair, you can give yourself immediate relief from back pain and improve your posture with ease.

Smart and modern office chairs that support your back, this chair is suitable for any office or professional use. The chair provides comfort due to the special ergonomic design to reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Looking for a chair that will alleviate and support pressure on your back and spine while sitting? Our unique office chairs are designed to fit the needs of Dubai's contemporary workplaces.

The perfect solution to relieve your lower back pain, come and experience the High Back Chair. Our chairs are light yet strong and work chair ergonomics when you're at a desk or meeting somebody stiff competition.



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