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Chesterfield is an outdoor retailer, selling outdoor furniture and supplies.

Chesterfield is a Facebook fan page that provides culture enthusiasts with all their festivals, events, and concert needs. Located in UAE's vibrant city, it bridges the gap between people who want to know what is on offer with the attendee's dream coming true.

Chesterfield is a Dubai-headquartered investment company. We offer clients a portfolio tailored to your needs: ultra-secure, flexible, and convenient investments and attractive returns.

Chesterfield is perfect for people that want to drive comfortably in their city. You can find this car anywhere in the UAE, making it easier to get one when you want or need to.

That old Chesterfield,

The Chesterfield has been the ultimate classic of sumptuous comfort since it was first made in France more than 300 years ago. Their reputation endures with their unique, rounded silhouette fitted with soft pillows to express a simple and dignified elegance for today’s generation. Launched exclusively at The Dubai Mall, this elegant sofa is designed for style and texture, embracing its Ligne Design influence with curved arms, open padded sections, and rows of buttons that create classic Chesterfield patterning throughout the entire length. With a 190cm wide back seat and a standard depth of 93cm it features Ligne Design spring-out coil springs in each seat cushion specifically engineered to provide impeccable support.

  • One would not expect to find a friendly butler service in the middle of the desert, but that is exactly what has been created by If you don’t have access to someone at home to care for your children during the day.
  • Chesterfield cleans homes and offices to meet the demands of customers. We use eco-green products that are safe, effective, and biodegradable.
  • Chesterfield offers a traditional, personal service for those who demand their time. Our aim is to offer you an adjacency that is accessible, yet not immediate, and at a pace that is slow but not sluggish. We hope we reflect the ethos of the "Ideal Gentleman."
  • Chesterfield is an amazing restaurant with a great ambiance, exquisite service, and exquisite dishes. When you visit Chesterfield, it will be your best choice for a memorable experience.

Chesterfield's decor, dining, and entertainment are matched without parallel by any luxury hotel in the region. Chesterfield at Dubai Marina offers an entire world of magnificent possibilities.

Chesterfield is a luxury upholstery manufacturer. Main selling point: customization is possible and unlimited.

Chesterfield is the leading supplier of oil, lubricants, additives, and solvents to our customers in the UAE. We are a one-stop solution for all your stock-keeping needs and we understand how costly it can be to run a business in today's climate.



Best products and delivery service is also excellent


Overall experience was superb and really recommend buying from multiwood


Such a wonderful experience to buy from multiwood


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