Dodo Ex Office Chair

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This Dodo Ex Office Chair gives you the power to design your own chair. This adds a level of function and pleasure, whether you want to add padding or cushions of higher heights, add armrests, and other functions that refine every aspect of sitting or standing.

Watch your back, feet, and all body parts in a very comfortable way with our Dodo Ex Office Chair. This ergonomic chair for the office has a foam cover for your joints so you don't have to feel the strain of sitting long hours in the chair and give it a chance to make sitting time more enjoyable for you.

Our ergohuman mesh ergonomic office chair is made of mesh, which means inhalation and exhalation activate thousands of fibers that help you cool down. Which is not just good for your body, but also for your ergonomics!

Dodo Ex Office Chair high level

Dodo Ex Office Chair is a cutting-edge stylish and innovative office chair. Standing on two adjustable cylinders, it moves easily with you.

The ergonomic mesh of the chair provides a personalized and comfortable angle, which supports your body’s natural curves. Adjustable height and tension are a personal preference of each individual.

Our innovative ergonomic office chairs come in office space that's both functional and affordable. The executive mesh office chair is a sturdy, comfortable and affordable office chair tailored to the needs of today's business owners.

Dodo Ex Office Chair will make you eliminate chronic diseases and pain. It is suitable for sitting all day in front of a computer monitor and laptop, with a soft cushion to support sensitive areas.

The ergonomic high back mesh office chair is designed with a health-conscious employer in mind. It is made of reinforced and breathable mesh to maintain environmental health while also helping to relieve pressure and fight fatigue on the lower limbs and spine. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it easy to use without causing long-term effects from prolonged sitting.

  1. For starters, we needed to make a traditional office chair with a modern touch. With this in mind, we designed a chair that is as fabulous as it is functional. The Dodo Ex Office Chair will surely please your eyes and lure you into this world of fancy chairs.
  2. It is a chair that supports the work of your back muscles and tendons, creating relief for all strain created on your back. The office chair has a built-in comfort bar to make it comfier and less exhausting to sit in.

The Gaming Chair With Footrest provides a deep level of comfort and an optimal place for controlling computer work, which makes it the desired chair for hardworking individuals. The seat-to-back slope is not less than 70 degrees and features deep contours.



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