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Fabric Sofa

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Dubai is a city that needs modern furniture to match its standards and needs. But, it's normal to feel weary of the visual aesthetic because so many other furniture companies have set trends in Dubai- sometimes when things start getting old, people feel like they need a change but want something with their same taste which is why we are coming up with Fabric Sofa because it is new and the best.

We provide custom upholstery and slipcovers to Dubai residents and businesses. We specialize in providing custom-made furniture with an elegant, handmade finish.

Get a custom made sofa with the comfort of fabric, durability after spills and the convenience of being machine washable.

Fabric Sofa is a company that specializes in furniture manufacture and distribution. We pride ourselves on value by making use of raw materials with the least environmental impact and producing innovative, high-quality products for every space in your home.

Fabric Sofa is a sofa line that mixes contemporary styling with affordable fabrics. The concept has evolved from years of experience in developing high-end furniture. The result is a refined and comfortable poufy seat, available in choice of fabrics.

  1. A fabric sofa is a cool product for people looking for modern furniture as an addition to their living room. This type of sofa offers great durability and additional seating flexibility, as there are no frame or back supports to get in the way. A high-quality upholstery is also essential for this product because it not only provides durability, but also protects against spills, stains and soiling.
  2. Fabric Sofas are made of artificial materials and can be easily installed in different car styles, from convertibles to SUVs.
  3. There’s no better feeling than being able enjoy a beautiful view with comfortable furniture. Our range of fabrics are your perfect solution.

Fabric Sofa is a small design studio that creates long-lasting, sustainable and deeply engaging designs. The studio emerged in 2007 from the illustrious fabric collection and was founded on Dubai’s vision to become one of the world’s most accessible and interesting city. With only five permanent members of staff Fabric Sofa favor a small and dynamic team for every project. Together they work through an intricate design process and give life to each product with an impeccable attention to detail. The result: A collection of beautifully crafted objects that have been designed to live the shadows in building communities around the world.

Curvy, colorful and squishy. This sofa is made from fabric off cuts including coir, textiles like jute or cotton, tufts of dyed yak hair and cast-offs from other professions like horse wear and rope.

These sofas are the result of a collaboration between local fabric manufacturers and international furniture manufacturers for the international market. The sofa is designed by Chicago based Kyle Martinez, who designed them to compete with European leather furniture at a lower cost.

When it comes to a home’s living space, more often than not the sofa is a centerpiece. When furnishings place in front of facing living room windows with plush seating, it's difficult to take your eyes off the space. This is why we offer our clients some of the most beautiful sofa that are sure to make any person drool.



Best products and delivery service is also excellent


Overall experience was superb and really recommend buying from multiwood


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