Flexiapot height adjustable Electronic table 1

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  • Single motor electric operated Flexiapot height adjustable Electronic desk
  • Material: High-quality board Made in Germany with Anti Bacterial Surface Properties
  • Finish options available; consult sales experts for final selection
  • Base: High-quality powder-coated steel leg and frame
  • Square column tube shape for stability
  • Height range: 715-1180mm
  • Digital display for precise adjustments
  • Frame size: 1150-1600mm
  • Length of feet: 700mm; bracket: 600mm
  • Load Support: 100kg
  • Speed: 25mm/s for efficient adjustment
  • Voltage Compatibility: Input range of 110v-240v
  • Operates at a sound level of 50 dB

Introducing the Flexiapot Height Adjustable Electronic Desk – the epitome of ergonomic office furniture designed to enhance your workspace. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this desk boasts a single motor electric operation for seamless adjustments. The core material, sourced from Germany, is a high-quality board with Anti Bacterial Surface Properties, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

Customization is key with our range of finish options, allowing you to tailor the desk to your preferences. The base is constructed from high-quality powder-coated steel, providing durability and stability for your daily work needs. Its square column tube shape further enhances stability, offering a secure foundation for your tasks.

Experience versatility with a height range of 715-1180mm, catering to various preferences and ergonomic requirements. The digital display allows for precise adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your workday. With a frame size spanning from 1150-1600mm, ample space is provided for your work essentials.

Designed for efficiency, this desk features a speed of 25mm/s for swift and smooth adjustments. With a load support of up to 100kg, it accommodates your equipment and accessories with ease. The voltage compatibility range of 110v-240v ensures seamless operation in various settings.

Not compromising on tranquility, this desk operates at a sound level of 50 dB, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your workspace. Elevate your productivity and well-being with the Flexiapot Height Adjustable Electronic Desk – the perfect blend of functionality, quality, and style for your office.



Best products and delivery service is also excellent


Overall experience was superb and really recommend buying from multiwood


Such a wonderful experience to buy from multiwood


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