Merge Visitor Chair

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Doing business in the city of Dubai? Do you have a quick visitor who needs to sit comfortably for a few minutes? Get ready.

In order to meet the nation's demand for new and sleek furniture, we started working on the Merge Visitor Chair for nearly two years. We made a promise not to settle tile every line, corner and side exactly matched our aims. Drop by and take a seat in style!

A merging of aesthetics and ergonomic design, the Merge Visitor Chair is one of a new wave of furniture with sweeping curves. Noting that modern life entails sitting for lengthy periods of time in front of screens, designers Guillaume Bison and Kevin McKinney sought to provide ergonomic comfort to seated users while remaining aligned with the principles of minimalism.

Merge Visitor Chair how many visitors do you want? Ask the question and find out how many people actually want your product or service with Merge Visitor Chair. With this innovative device, you'll make sure sales conversions will be higher than ever. And don't forget your unlimited personalized logo on this!

  • Merge Visitor Chair is a newly designed visitor chair that can be quickly and easily assembled, transported, and stored. It is small and lightweight but very robust, made of aluminum and thermoplastics that are 100% recyclable. The foldable design makes it an inexpensive and excellent option for people visiting from overseas, or for anyone wanting to reduce the storage space a fold-out visitor chair takes up.
  • The Merge Visitor Chair is a revolutionary merging of ergonomics and a good design that helps in avoiding common posture problems facing people for long periods of sitting. The silver chrome frame with modern plush upholstery gives it an edge.
  • The Merge Visitor Chair is a symbiosis of design and technology, as well as an aesthetically pleasing chair for lobbies, receptions, and other public spaces.
  • The merge visitor chair is a product manufactured with the best design and technology. The ergonomic seat cushions mean your visitors will feel right at home as they wait for their loved ones to return.

The world's first visit chair for art and creativity

Another great perk at our cooking space! We get it. You have been before as a colleague, and have probably met some of the other members on your venture to the bathroom. Why not invest in getting another nice liquid-resistant visitor chair so you don't need to use that ergonomic flat door ever again?

Merge Visitor Furniture

This is a chair that merges the two main characteristics of modern furniture: it's both a functional piece and a design object. In the same way that software needs to be merged with hardware to create new products, Merge Visitor Chair blends together digital and conventional design perspectives, ergonomics, and aesthetics into one. The result is an ultra-modern manifestation of the uninterrupted flow between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship in furniture production for contemporary living.



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