Mesh Chair

Mesh Chair

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Product Description:

Mesh Chair is a kind of visiting chair which can be a valuable addition to your workspace. The product in itself will enhance the attraction of your workplace. The product is designed in a way that it can easily be indulged in your classical workspace.

The safety standards are kept in view while designing the chair. The chair is designed so that the visitors visiting your workplace can sit with comfort. Moreover, both arms of the chair have PU armrests for increasing the comfort experience. The molded cushion is placed over the chrome base. The cushion utilized in it is of high quality for providing a great comfort experience. The plank-shaped base used in manufacturing the chair makes it long-lasting and reliable. The base of the chair has plugs which makes it more balanced. The lumber back support of the chair is adjustable and is made of flexible plastic material.

The net textured cloth material is used on the back of the chair to cover the back of the chair. The material is flexible enough which provides comfy to the visitor sitting on it. The mesh material utilized on the back of the chair gives it the name of office star chairs.

Sitting Capacity:

The sitting capacity is of one person.

Material Used:

The material used in the manufacturing of the office star ergonomic chair is of high-duty which makes it long-lasting.



User Guidance:

Please keep in mind the following things before using the chair:

  • The chair can only be used by one person at a time.
  • The chair is designed to used on flat surfaces.
  • Please avoid using the chair as ladder or stool.
  • We highly motivate to sit only on the moulded cushion of the chair rather than any other part of the chair.



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