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Office Tea Table is the first curated gift store for offices and showrooms in Dubai. Expect a range of products from the best of local artisans, cafes and restaurants to furnishing for your office. You'll find you need everything from furniture, to food, flowers, stationery & gifting needs with the confidence that it will fit within your budget.

Office Tea Table is the perfect name for this event design company that customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of UAE. The company will come to any office that needs to arrange an event and create a beautiful tabletop area in which you can place tea or coffee kettles, pots, and cups.

Start your workday properly with a tea break. Perfect for large office spaces and corporate gifts

Faced with working hours and red tape, we all sometimes need a break to refresh ourselves. Office Tea Table is the perfect solution. Here people can get tea or coffee on a 24/7 basis. There are waiting areas with comfortable furniture so you don't feel stressed, always available to help you take a hot break from your daily routine.

Office Tea Table is a workplace accessory designed in UAE to facilitate tea drinking at the office in accordance with both Muslim and Western cultures. It can fit seamlessly into any décor while doubling as an overflow file and wire-management draw.

The office tea table was born out of the need to stop people from taking a break every single hour just because they're thirsty. Our 2-in-1 drink and snack table is the perfect solution so that you can get some work done while relaxing at the same time.

Office Tea Table is the first Tea Shop in Abu Dhabi with a Middle Eastern touch and an office ambiance.

A UAE-based startup that donates a Kettle and Mug for an Office Tea Table in the workplace. This ensures that we achieve our goal of eliminating sick days from the workplace, and help your employees remain healthy, productive, happy, and at their best.

  • Office Tea Table is a revolutionary design concept, uniquely designed to fit the needs of an office environment while remaining affordable. With a clean, geometric look and sturdy construction, we offer functional solutions for all tea needs – hot or iced, herbs or tea bags.
  • Office Tea Table is a variety of individual tea sets in Arabic design that offers hospitality service for any occasion. All the items are elegant and perfect in displaying the richness of Arabic traditions.
  • The Office Tea Table is the perfect way to provide clients and staff with a refreshing cup of tea while they are waiting. The table can be set up in minutes: simply unfold, fill and place at your convenience. In addition, it's mobile so you can bring it around your office or showroom. Handy and practical, the Office Tea Table is both charming and professional looking, guaranteeing hours of engagement with possible clients or staff.

Unique Tea table with the best tasting, highest quality teas all served in modern teapots. We focus on providing a traditional Arabic atmosphere and following UAE cultural practices.



Best products and delivery service is also excellent


Overall experience was superb and really recommend buying from multiwood


Such a wonderful experience to buy from multiwood


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