Orange Accent Chair

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A unique chair for every room; whether it's a choice of modern design, comfortable balance, sensible suitability or inspirational pattern. Now made available in 4 distinctive tones!

The color in a fashion that is naturally in abundance and can an indoor or outdoor space feel fresh, energized, and happy

The orange accent chair is a trendy and popular way for making a room stand out. You can arrange living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, or any other space to enhance it by adding this piece of furniture. It works well in any environment from modern to classical. Giving your room an extra pop of color can uplift anyone in the room while also imbuing different emotions into individuals who notice the change. By adding one small pop of color, you can make someone feel better by telling them they’re alright just the way they are.

The Orange Accent Chair is a modern chair that gives another color to your living room. The accent chair will blend in with many different color schemes, and the chair will be certain to grab the attention of guests.

Introducing the perfect way to shed light on a brown space...our orange accent chairs! Brighten up your place and show some personality with GURP Design's latest accent chair collection. Made of 100% woven fabric and guaranteed to be both durable and easy to clean, these pieces are sure to get noticed. Check out our variety of colors, designs, and price points online, or visit our Dubai showroom and experience our diverse selection in person!

The orange accent chair appears bright and funky but is actually quite understated. With a good quality PU leather that looks like an animal print, this cozy little chair helps you create a sophisticated room you can enjoy sitting in. It's just the perfect way to introduce a playful tone of color into your home when you want some extra splashes of vibrancy.

Orange Accent Chair is a curvy, sleek armchair that catches the eye. Complete with vibrant orange walls and polished chrome steel legs, this chair balances conformity with individuality.

The power of color is the result of a process that cannot be replicated. Our goal at Breathing Spaces is to make your house, office, or venue the most beautiful it can be. Let us help you create your dream environment with furniture, decorations, and more.

An orange accent chair is perfect for breaking up the monotony of interiors. But wouldn't it be better if the chair stood out even more? Add a pop of color with this cool, creative chair. With its whimsical design, it will draw attention beyond its oasis hue to bring your room brilliantly alive.

This quality accent chair is the perfect finishing touch for your living room. The coloring and styling make it an excellent place for relaxing or entertaining. You can place it next to the couch for added drama.

For a splash of color, this catch-all accent chair will do the trick.

This striking orange accent chair is perfect for your nursery, where you want to add a pop of color. This chair has a ribbed weave and is made entirely of a durable steel frame so it can look great in any home.

There is a problem with many colors in this world, but this chair is the perfect melding of all colors. The base paint is blue, but from there it gets orange in some spots and yellow in others, but finishes as purple. Mixing paints not only can be done for a showstopping accent piece like this and a long way to go to keep the colors coming.



Best products and delivery service is also excellent


Overall experience was superb and really recommend buying from multiwood


Such a wonderful experience to buy from multiwood


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