Revolving Chair

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The Studio Revolving Chair is a stylish and ultra-comfortable work chair designed by Yottoy. It comes with everything you need to happily sit as much as you feel like unlimited freedom thanks to its circular pivot mechanism, a lumbar spine-supported backrest that hangs on a single point, an armrest that can be adjusted in height and angle, and an extendable footrest.

  • The Revolving Chair is an outdoor chair that is both functional, practical, and beautiful. It features a 3-position reclining mechanism and 360-degree swivel, telling you to grab life by the neck and shake it all about!
  • Revolving Chair is yet another wonderful invention by Otis. Revolving Chair is an extraordinary product that will help add convenience and comfort to virtually any room or office setting! The seat pans revolve effortlessly so people can change their position or get up from the chair with significantly less effort.
  • Featuring the latest state-of-the-art hydraulics, each revolving chair has a gyroscopic system with two moving positions including 180 degrees rotation and 360 degrees rotation.
  • A Revolving Chair gives you the great opportunity of both controlling the light in your room and having an office that can rotate and turn, aiding in concentration.
  • Revolving Chair is a company that offers affordable and reliable revolving chairs for sale in Dubai, UAE. Before purchasing one you should consider small things, like the weight it bears or the ground space that is required. It's important not to occupy floor space unnecessarily because many people have a limited amount of it and leaving them without the revolving chair will be a disaster.
  • We offer a range of different chairs, group seating set-ups, and contemporary office furniture solutions. All of us at Revolving Chair is dedicated to providing the best advice and support when it comes to selecting the right buyer for your personal needs.

Revolving Chair is the world's first revolving furniture. With Revolving Chair you will no longer struggle to find the optimal position for seating that balances comfort and ergonomics.

Looking for the best, fun, and stylish revolving chairs? The Revolving Chair brand imports rotating chairs from all over the world with the most prestigious and popular manufacturers. Offering different finishes, styles, and rotating speeds mean we can customize a chair to best suit your needs.

Easy and comfortable, the Revolving Chair is specially designed as a wheelchair for indoor use.

Revolving Chair (available in Dubai and the Middle East) is a dynamic balance training chair for individuals looking for an effective standing desk alternative, injury prevention, and improved posture. Revolving Chair was designed with efficiency, health, ergonomics, and ergonomic design in mind.

The Revolving Chair is an office chair with a track guiding system. The chair features a non-scratch plastic running on a metal track that turns in opposite directions to keep the user comfortable and well-organized.



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