Simple Waiting Sofas

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We source and deliver sofas that are convenient and fit the needs of our customers. We cater to both short waiting periods, as well as long airport waits.

  • The name tells everything. We are Dubai's leader in home furnishing solutions; whether a custom-made sofa, modular furniture, or an event that needs furniture, we do it all!
  • Innovative modular concept sofas for people to use while they text during their wait. We have a range of colours, patterns and styles to choose from.
  • Did you know that waiting time in this country is among the worst in the first world? Well, we're making it better. Recently, Simple Waiting Sofas have been installed in airports to make waiting less painful. These unique couches are comfortable and have USB chargers to give your device power while waiting.

Waiting rooms can be such a dreadful experience for potential patients and visitors. Sitting in their seats for minutes or hours at a time, tired and bored. But not anymore! Waiting room spaces are now being designed as social settings that encourage people to come together, share their thoughts and wait patiently while they engage in activities to pass the time with others. That's exactly what our seats have done!

Whether you are setting up a restaurant or want to relax, we have the perfect solution for your seating needs. Our simple waiting sofas feature flexible backs that can be integrated into any space quickly, and our designs range from minimalist to contemporary to match any décor.

  1. Simple Waiting Sofas aims to provide an affordable and comfortable seating solution to every building with a waiting room. With a modern and innovative design that suits every waiting environment, we have carefully considered all needs and ensured comfort for every individual, whether for more than 3 hours or less than 6.
  2. We are a furniture and hospitality company that provides different seating options, ranging from sofas to stools. Our focus is on designing practical solutions aimed at making waiting fun and comfortable through our one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. It's simple, wait on one of our sofas.

A groundbreaking way to exude genuine Arabian hospitality comes from those who know how to do it - the Simple Waiting Sofas.

We have made a name for ourselves as specialists in simple waiting sofas explicitly designed to handle the stresses of being in a busy waiting area. We have carefully constructed these to be both sturdy and relaxing, with 6-seater versions available.



Best products and delivery service is also excellent


Overall experience was superb and really recommend buying from multiwood


Such a wonderful experience to buy from multiwood


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