Vento Reception Table

Vento Reception Table

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The Vento Reception Table is what you need if you want a reception table that radiates refinement, charm, and elegance. The Vento Reception Table is an opulent, contemporary piece of furniture that will give your workplace reception area a dash of elegance and class. High-quality, ecologically friendly materials that are not only long-lasting but also durable are used to create the Vento Reception Table. The tabletop is composed of MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard), a highly durable and straightforward to maintain material. The solid wood table legs offer a strong foundation that can resist normal wear and tear.

The Vento Reception Table's distinctive design stands out as one of its best qualities. The tabletop's asymmetrical trapezoid form and curving corners give it a contemporary, sleek appearance. Anybody who enters your greeting area will be impressed by the striking silhouette created by the uneven form and curved edges.

Key Features:

The Vento Reception Table's size is an additional fantastic feature. Its length of 180 cm makes it the ideal size for any welcome area, offering enough room for visitors to wait in comfort. Also, the table's height of 80 cm makes it accessible to all people, even those with impairments. You may select from a variety of finishes and colors for the Vento Reception Table to match the design of your business. The table comes in five various finishes, including White, Grey, Oak, Walnut, and Wenge, so you can pick the ideal shade to go with the interior decor of your workplace.

In addition to being stunning, the Vento Reception Table is also quite practical. It has a concealed cable management system that enables you to maintain a tidy welcome area. The cable management system makes sure that all of the cables and wires are concealed from view, giving your reception area a tidy and expert appearance. The Vento Reception Table is also quite simple to put together. The table comes with straightforward setup instructions that anybody can follow, making construction quick and simple.


In conclusion, the Vento Reception Table is a need for any contemporary, fashionable workplace reception area. It complements any workplace environment well because to its distinctive design, premium materials, and a variety of finish options. It is a sensible option for any hectic office setting due to its usefulness and simplicity of construction. The Vento Reception Table is the best option if you want to leave a lasting impression on your clients and guests.



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