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Are you often clumsy and drop many of your items? As its name indicates, Vertical Drawer doesn't take up much space and can store a bunch of miscellaneous items that one usually drops. And the best part is how easily it can be pulled out!

  • A vertical Drawer is a perfect system for organizing the kitchen and pantry. An economical and easy-to-install system, Vertical Drawer will help you save space, make it easier to find what you're looking for, and improve your quality of life with greater tidiness.
  • The vertical Drawer is an innovative cabinet design ensuring maximum storage capacity as well as easy and quick access to products stored in the bottom two drawers.
  • Hanging horizontal drawers take up much more space than they need to and Vertical Drawer offers the solution. Our sliding plastic boxes are made of super lightweight material but are plenty sturdy to hold heavy-weight items. Using our invention allows you to use a smaller footprint and make the most out of the valuable ground in any room.

A vertical Drawer is a vertical drawer box that diminishes the wasted space beneath kitchen cabinets. Taking up to 16 times less space than conventional over-the-cabinet drawers, Vertical Drawer offers at least 12 cubic feet of storage space with 8 x 5” organizational dividers for cooking utensils in exotic wood veneers.

Vertical Drawer is a simple and healthy ingredient storage solution for modern kitchens. Creative kitchens are all about efficiency and finding innovative ways to maximize space. We take food storage up a level with our brilliant vertical drawer: it's compact and practical, with room for 8 drawers plus plenty of space for tall jars or bottles.

A vertical Drawer helps manage your closets while also saving space. The system was designed with Dubai's new high-rise buildings in mind. True to the city's exemplars, our design aims to house a maximum number of items within a minimum of space and impress with form and function.

Vertical Drawer is a stylish storage solution designed exclusively for your home. Discover what Vertical Drawer has to offer, with a huge range of different dressers and highly tailored pieces.

A vertical Drawer is a storage container that can be installed on any room wall. It has been developed for small apartments, given the limited space there is in such living spaces. The vertical drawer was designed by two Dubai-based designers who needed a practical and effective new furniture piece that would also look good in any room.

Vertical Drawer is a company that designs and implements internal drawers stacked on each other so as to free up surface space in Dubai flats.

Vertical Drawer is the first and only cleaning app in the UAE. A vertical Drawer is a simple and fast way to get your home clean!

A new solution for the storage of your clothes. The vertical Drawer organizes clothes in a rectangle shape, allowing full access to all items stored in them.

Vertical Drawer is a packaging service in Dubai. Packages are managed by hand and put in vertical stacks on a little bar which can be lifted or tipped without any danger for the product or risk of damaging the display. The way to handle a package provides a better crating for their content, excellent stacking capability, quick stock replenishment, reduced labor costs, and increased profitability.

This revolutionary design ensures every part of the content is within easy reach and visible at all times.

Vertical Drawer is reinventing the kitchen. We make kitchens smarter and more adaptable. Vertical Drawer provides innovative kitchen design, which includes cutting-edge technology that brings in an unrivaled level of flexibility, efficiency, and simplicity.



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